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saturday, october 03, 2009
4. Back into the Studio - The New Breed


 After a busy term filled with eeverything but painting, I'm back in the studio and starting to churn out the 'new breed'. I would like to say this next generation will be more semi-abstract than abstract, however with the way I work being so highly intuitive, I know that I can only wait and see what presents itself. I will say, however, that I'm allowing the cheetah in me to direct proceedings for the first two boards, so expect spots, tails, splashes of yellows and black to be prominent features... 

The technical side of things will be considerably different this time around thanks to the donation of damaged foam blanks from Chilli Surfboards and Grant Miller. No scraping wax or sanding! And a more absorbent surface which lends itself to interesting textural variations and an ultra-light finished product.


WAC Art Fair, June 2009

Despite the busy term, I still managed to get some babies hung in a number of exhibitions around the place. Hornsby Art Society's "On The Horizon" exhibition accepted the 10ft,15kg "Gentle Whale"  (Thank you! He's a hard one to fit anywhere!) and North Shore Art Society included "Flowers" in their North Steyne exhibition during Manly Arts Festival. "Star Gazer", I'm very happy to say has found a new home!


I've been approached by a couple of different groups wanting me to run workshops for children. I'm keen to do this but will have to play around with perfecting my non toxic / kid friendly techniques before I go any further. Do be in touch if you're interested.


A huuge thank you to Chilli and Grant for their support and keeping me in boards!                  

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