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tuesday, february 09, 2010
5. The New Breed - First Batch



May I introduce (L-R) Landscape, Butterfly, Vine and Cheetah Dream 2. All enamel and varnish on surfboard foam blank so they're super light with a mostly matt finish.


Cheetah Dream 2 already went and won herself a Commended at Art on Loftus, while the others are chomping at the bit to get out there.

Photographs of Black Dancer, Flowers and Hieroglyph are currently on display at Hornsby Library as a part of the Returned to Glory photographic exhibition of 2009 entries. And Black Dancer  got herself featured in Hornsby Council's Waste Newsletter...that's a good thing. She's on page 3. Could've done with an acknowledgment though!


Inspired by Mountains of The Dragon by sculptor Helen Leete and Joel Magarey's book Exposure  I've decided to come out of the closet as a dissociative funny bunny (apparently I have DDNOS/DID) and have made a commitment to listening to myself his year and documenting the process on the blog on this website. This condition plays an humongous role in my approach to making art so it's about time I acknowledged it and took better care of myselves. If you're a fellow dissociative please feel free to be in touch :)

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04/28/2012 - Derek

Vine is beautiful . . want (need space!)

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