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friday, april 16, 2010
6. Less Work - More Paint

Portrait of the Artist by Stan Boulton (2009)

This is me at work. As in modelling work. Yes I am holding crayons, although I don't normally get to model with crayons, or get much to do with any kind of art materials whilst modelling except watch other people use them. So, unfortunately, I'm going to have cut back on work cause I'm just not getting enough paint on boards! And I'm exhausted from modelling my butt off!

So, for the next few moths my motto is: Less work. More paint!


Have just picked up a nice, although totally filthy, stack of new 'side of the road' boards. Many thanks to the surfers of Maple Ave, Pennant Hills for those! If you guys read this, do drop me a line if you'd like to see what they end up like. And many thanks to Linda Baranov for spotting and minding them for me!


Have 3 boards on the go at the moment with my 'inner' Dragon in the driver's seat. Got no idea what to expect from her but it's sure to be an exciting ride.


Will be entering this year's Returned To Glory Exhibition shortly. Think the competition will be much tougher than last year so not expecting any prizes this time around. Fingers crossed I just get hung.

Have been speaking to a few venues re exhibiting again but still haven't gotten around to talking to venues on the beaches where I should be! Been modelling too much that's why... Less work - more paint... it starts NOW!


Still haven't deleted it! All thanks to encouragement from Joel Magarey and those precious souls who've commented and sent lovely lovely things! Thank you! :) Curious about the madness behind the method? 

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