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monday, november 23, 2015
Spirit of Sea Eagle, Cryptic, Cat Sculptures, and Cartooning

It's been a long time between posts! I've been struggling with adrenal fatigue and although I have still been painting/drawing/sculpting when I feel up to it I've been keeping off the computer more than normal this past year. Here's some of what I've been up to:

This (above) is Spirit Of Sea Eagle, an appropriate name for a kiteboard I thought. She's freshly cooked and looking for a home.

And this is Cryptic, who I actually wanted to work on a bit more but someone saw her and just had to have her as she was. She has nail polish on her! So does Spirit Of Sea Eagle. I have too much nail polish.

And these are wee clay sketches of my new kitten Tigerlily. She has since introduced more variation in her sleeping positions.

And cartooning. Yes, I've been explorig cartooning, and drawing on my tablet at gigs. Shall upload more images of those soon...

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