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saturday, february 20, 2021
Near Ego Death Experiences, Creativity Celibacy, A Cat A Day, NFTs.

What a crazy 5 years it's been since my last post here...

Crazy but incredible. And it hasn't stopped yet...

Numerous circumstances (most notably a bit too much kundalini yoga, a bit too much reading non-dual author Jed McKenna, and continued health and personal challenges) saw me pushed over and over through what felt like the very membrane of what it means to exist. I emerge sobered, yet flirting with being recklessly playful, because I can't quite feel life 'properly' anymore. However that also means that maybe I can finally enjoy it again. Because for a lot of the past 5 years enjoying anything was often rather difficult. 

For much of last year I experimented with a creativity celibacy of sorts; for an indeterminant amount of time I decided to let go of my visual art and music practice, just to see who I am if I stop doing the things I've felt I've needed to do in order to be who I am, to be ok. It was fairly non-eventful, a bit dull, but interesting to observe. I still existed but things didn't flow as nicely as when I'm painting and playing, life just wasn't as well lubricated. It reaffirmed that creativity really is like a portal for me, tapping me into something etheric and powerful. If I abandon it, I don't die, but I do shrivel up a bit.

My art practice was reignited with the A Cat A Day project; the aim being 365 days of cat art (with occasional breaks). Each day I paint, sketch or sculpt, and then upload the image onto my personal Facebook profile. Each piece is for sale (unless it's a gift or I want to keep it) with the price aligning with the day of the project, for example Day 1's work cost $1, Day 2's work cost $2. Thus far almost all pieces are sold. The project is currently on pause at around day 80, as I shift my focus to work on a commission and to prepare for my entry into the world of NFT art...

NFTs... Non-fungible token artwork or 'crypto-art', if you like... The creative potential of this concept has me the most inspired I've been in a very long time. I plan to release a number of series of both traditional and digital art-work in the NFT space and I have one downright crazy idea which feels so right the world should be mildly trembling! Lol.

I'll leave you with some work from the A Cat A Day project.

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